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Introducing Beautiful Kish Island

Geographical and Topographic Position

Kish Island with the area of 91 km2 is situated around a 43-km semi-oval beach whose distance to Garzeh Port (Sun Port), Iran’s Continues Land, in Persian Gulf is 18 km. Kish Island is in the first quarter of 1359-km coastlines of southern Iran where the Persian Gulf opening starts roughly to touch the final part of the waterway near the Strait of Hormuz. Its north latitude and east longitude are 32° 26’ and 58° 53’ respectively laid from western to eastern coast (distance between Marjan Complex and Hoor Square) as long as 15.45 km. The longest width of the Island starts from southern beach to northern beach (distance between Gomrok Harbor and Lighthouse) is 7.5 km. The island’s surface is devoid of any special topographic element such as mountains and even high lands. The International Kish Airport has been constructed at the central and elevated part of the island with about 35-40 m height. The steepest part of the island starts from the northern wing of Kish airport towards the coastline (Shayan Hotel).


Geographical and Ecological Features of Kish IslandKish Island is a small land like a ship went aground warm and shallow waters of the Persian Gulf. Microecosystems of Kish Island are extensively dominated by phenomena caused by vast territorial waters whose daylong temperature changes throughout the year are very trivial. Water-vapor pressure in Kish Island is somehow high in most days of the year (relative humidity: 50-60%). The average daily temperature difference in the Island throughout the year is less than 9-10 degrees, and temperature falling never reaches the freezing or zero degree. According to the meteorological data, the average humidity per kg of warm and arid climate of the Island in December and July is 15 and 25 kg respectively. Kish climate from October to April is pleasantly warm and the island lives in a desirable biological condition in this period. However, the island’s weather experiences hot and sultry days from May to October and the average daily climate in this period is largely same. Since the gulf’s water is cold yet in October and the relative humidity is low, Kish experiences an arid climate with mild breezes which can be generally considered as desirable. Temperature difference between the warmest and coldest months in the Kish Island is roughly 16 degrees; as the coldest and driest month of Kish Island, September has the lowest rate of evaporation with 12% fluctuations, while August with highest rate of evaporation and fluctuations about 28% is considered as the warmest month of the Island. Extensive evaporations in August influence random rainfalls as monsoon showers provoked by moist air of the Indian Ocean in this region. August random rainfalls are often flooding and short and often soak the soil and will be evaporated because of high temperature of the earth in this region. Rainfalls during this period are divine blessings that must be controlled through small and large dams and dikes. Although Kish is located over a salty dome, unlike other islands (e.g. Qeshm) the head of its underlying salty domes has not raised so far, so the land’s salts are not emerged due to rainfalls and they can be controlled through dikes long times after rainfalls (the salt lands of the Island are rare rather the whole area of the island).


Tourist Attractions of Kish Island:

  • Coral beach of the island
  • Permanent Fair of Master Kiumarth Sayyad
  • Traditional cistern
  • Greek ship
  • Kish recreational great pier
  • Mosques
  • Green Tree Complex
  • Dolphin Park
  • Birds Garden
  • Kariz Underground City
  • Loggerheads
  • Aquarium
  • Artists Passway
  • Harireh Old City
  • Kish Safari

Kish Markets

More than 1 million tourists travel to Kish Island each year, out which 150000 people are foreigners or immigrant Iranians who live overseas. Kish markets sell original products of known global brands which is an attraction for tourists who travel there. Presently Kish Island has 11 international markets and trade centers such as

  • Pardis Market
  • Kish Trade Center
  • Zeiton Market
  • Marjan Market
  • Morvarid Market
  • Maryam Market
  • Pars-e Khalij Market
  • Paniz Market
  • Sefeyn Market
  • Venus Market


Kish Hospital was established in an area of 5 acres 1993 on beautiful Kish Island in order to provide the residents and tourists with healthcare. With an approach to health tourism, due to the potentials of this beautiful island, the hospital capacity was improved in 2013, increasing bed capacity from 32 beds to 64 beds in a land area of 9500 square meters.

The vision of the hospital is to provide service in a spirit of empathy, respect and LOVE for all people through our high quality.

Kish Hospital can stand as a good role mother for hospitals in Iran and in the region.

In order to offer healthcare to the patients, Kish Specialty and Subspecialty Hospital has the fallowing wards:

1_ ICU




5_ Operating Rooms

6_Female Surgery and Internal Ward

7_Male Surgery and Internal Ward

8_Pediatric Ward

9_Maternity Ward

10_Dialysis Unit

11_Emergency Department with an equipped Triage room, a small operating room and three ambulances

12_Emergency medical dispatcher with three ambulances

13_Endoscopy and Colonoscopy, etc. Unit

14_Physiotherapy Department

15_Medical Laboratory

16_ Pharmacy

17_ Imaging section including Radiography, Mammography, Bone Densitometry, CT-Scan and Ultrasound study and MRI.

18_Check-up clinic

19_ Specialty and subspecialty clinic consisting of Dentistry, Orthopedics , Dermatology, Surgery, Ophthalmology , Obstetrics and Gynecology ,  Pediatrics, Internal Medicine , ENT and so on .

20_Air Emergency (Helipad)

21_ Respiratory Isolation

Furthermore, Kish hospital is equipped with a library, a Conference Hall and a Research Section. Another considerable advantage of the hospital is its location, Kish Island, one of the top destinations for health tourism to which there is no visa requirement for other nationalities.

Modern and beautiful environment of this hospital, taking advantage of up to date and advanced medical devices, presences of famous and experienced specialists and sub specialists, along with special welfare resources has changed the hospital to the premier option in the south of Iran and Persian Gulf.

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit):

This ward has five beds, four incubators and five portable phototherapy units. All beds are equipped with a monitor, suction and central oxygen.

Taking advantage of the world’s best medical and hospital equipment and employing experienced and skillful personnel has relieved the parents, especially the ones who have been trying for a baby for years.

Highly qualified physicians and residents are present in this unit 24 hours a day to provide specialized service. 

The presence of children’s nurses and head nurse who have the knowledge, experience and skills, as well as being equipped with the most modern neonate ventilators and developed monitoring devices has provided the infants and their parents with a reassuring environment.

It is noteworthy that in the vicinity of this ward there is a room with  special facilities offering mothers the convenience of staying at the hospital with their infants.

CCU (Coronary Care Unit):

This 5-bed ward is ready to provide services to patient with heart problems including myocardial infarction, hypertension, angina, arrhythmia, dynamic problems in a peaceful environment.

The center nursing station for monitoring and easy access to patients is fully equipped with devices such as control cardiac monitoring, mobile echocardiography, electrical beds and infusion pumps, all is controlled by top cardiologists.

ICU (Intensive Care Unit):

This 5-beds ward is equipped with the most modern devices such as electronic beds, the latest version of ventilators, control monitoring system, infusion pump and other devices to take care of critically ill patients.

Also, the ward has an isolated room for infected patients, with a separate bathroom and rest room.

An anesthetic specialist is available round the clock. Also all beds are equipped with wavy mattresses and pumps.

Pediatric Ward:

This ward is equipped with seven beds and seven neonate beds .It has been designed in a way that the children feel happy and safe. The walls of rooms and corridors have been covered with happy and calming images. A special playing room with many toy has been designed for children. This ward is located next to the NICU and if a new born develops any medical issues, they will be transferred to NICU in a few seconds. Also, next to the ward there is a room designed for the mothers to rest.

Operating Rooms:

Operating rooms are located on the first floor, next to the CCU, ICU and maternity unit. There are three operating rooms with three electric operating tables. Where different surgical operations including general surgery, otolaryngology,(ENT: ear, nose and throat), plastic surgery, neurological surgery ( brain and spinal cord ), gynecological surgery, orthopedic surgery, urologic surgery, laparoscopic surgery and so on are carried out.

Each room consists the most up to date equipment including advanced anesthesia machines and fully automatic monitoring. It is also equipped with  C-arm. One of these operating with video conferencing facilities. There is a Central Sterilization Room (CSR) for sterilization of equipment and surgical device next to the operation room.

Surgery Internal medicine ward:

This ward is designed to provide care in a stylish environment. There are single bed, two bed three bed and VIP patient room. All equipped fully automatic beds, toilet and bathroom, TV, WiFi, nurse call system and sofa bed .Plus, the rooms feature beautiful view of the hospital green space.

Emergency Department:

The 20-bed Emergency Department is located next to the side entrance of the hospital. There is a respiratory isolation, a psychiatric isolation room, pediatric emergency room, VIP room, burn unit, outpatient operating room. The department is equipped with three ambulances to provide service to the public.

At the entrance of this ward there is CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) room equipped with respiratory ventilator, suction, central oxygen, defibrillator and monitoring.

There is also an injection room. An advantage of this department is the quick, easy access to support services such as radiology and laboratory.

 In this department men and women are provided with outpatient and inpatient health services separately.

This department function around the clock throughout the year with an emergency physician and a general physician in three 8-hour shifts.

Checkups clinic

Checkup clinic is ready to provide medical services in three levels as fallowing:

Level one:

1-A visit to the Internist

2-A visit to the Cardiologist  

3- Common laboratory test

4-Male Urologist Examination

5- Gynecologic Examination (including Pop smear test and Pelvic Ultrasound) for female.

Level two:

1-A visit to Internist (Endoscopy)

2-A visit to the Cardiologist (Echo-cardiography and stress test)

3-A Gynecologic Examination (including Pop smear test, Pelvic Ultrasound and Mammography) female.

4-Common laboratory test

5- Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound

6- A visit to the Hepatologist (Fibro scan)

Level three:

This level is the most comprehensive health screening program for the whole body organs through clinical specifications and within a-24 hour stay in hospital:

1-At least one day admission in the hospital

2- A visit to the Internist  (Endoscopy)

3-Thorough examination of cardiac function

4-A Gynecologic Examination (including Pop smear test, Pelvic Ultrasound and Mammography) for female.

5-A visit to the Psychiatrist

6- Bone densitometry

7- A visit to the Hepatologist (Fibro Scan)

8-Abdomanal and Pelvic Ultrasound